About Us

Who We Are:

The Dandy Bee Company was created after a hiatus in work when I had my two sweet little ones. After getting to spend a few years raising and focusing on my family, the opportunity to relaunch my small business arose, and I am so excited to share the goodies I have created for my family with you.

When my two little ones were born, I wanted to give them a jumpstart into avoiding toxins to the best of my ability. Coupled with some budding personal health issues, I began making more conscious lifestyle choices. That meant avoiding preservatives, pesticides, genetically modified and unnatural ingredients as much as possible.

Out of that sprang the development of our bath and body products. I’ve spent hundreds of hours testing and developing natural lotions, balms, deodorants and more until they were perfect and safe for the people I care for most, and that I am delighted to share with you.

We take pride in our small batch, hand poured, and locally sourced products. Located in beautiful Northern California, our goods are made with love and the hope for a healthy life for all who enjoy them. Thank you for joining us on our journey! 

- Maria Volk