Lavender and Frankincense Face Serum

Lavender and Frankincense Face Serum

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  • Moisturize and keep your face looking healthy with our super silky, non-greasy face serum! Packed full of oils known for their antioxidants and free-radical blocking properties, our serum helps keep wrinkles and scarring at bay, and leaves skin supple and healthy. Lavender essential oil helps soothe inflammation, and while frankincense essential oil has properties that help fight skin aging.  
  • Non Toxic High Quality Ingredients Keep You Safe – no preservatives, artificial fragrance, or toxic ingredients. Because our products are oil based they are shelf stable for up to a year without the nasty stuff! We are also cruelty free – we test our incredibly safe formulas on own families until we get it right!
  • Our unique blend of dry oils are hydrating, yet absorb quickly, leaving skin feeling silky and smooth, rather than greasy and oily. Just a pump or two is all your need to saturate your face in these healing powerhouses! Our scent blend is both clean and refreshing, and unisex.
  • Made In Sunny California – all of our products here at the Dandy Bee Co. are small batch and hand poured by us in beautiful northern California. We pay special attention to each bottle to make sure they are crafted to perfection. This way we also ensure exactly what goes into our products, with our family’s safety in mind.
  • Transparently Honest Formula – our face serum is crafted with organic grapeseed oil, organic jojoba oil, organic rosehip oil, organic pomegranate oil, lavender essential oil, frankincense essential oil    

What People Are Saying 

★★★★★ Becca D.

"I used the serum on my face today instead of my facial lotion and it felt great on my skin all day. It didn't make me extra oily and it smells so good! I love that it only take one pump for my whole face 😍"


A little bit more about our face serum:

Here at Dandy Bee Co., our face serum contain only natural ingredients that are known to heal, smooth, and moisturize skin: 


  • Jojoba and Grapeseed oils are drier oils, meaning they sink into the skin and leave it feeling silky, rather than oily.
  • Rosehip and pomegranate oils are known particularly for their benefits to facial skin, and are packed full of fatty acids and Vitamin A that moisturize, promote skin regeneration, and improve skin flexibility and permeability. They also are known to unclog pores, are combat acne.  
  • Formulated with lots of love and care, our small batch, hand poured face serum works hard to keep you feeling and smelling your best, naturally. 

Created by a mom with two little ones in Northern California, we promise to only release products we are proud to have our families use as well. Welcome to the Dandy Bee Co. family!


Please do not use on broken skin; please consult your physician before using while pregnant or on children under the age of 6 due to the use of essential oils